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Install Boeffla Kernel 5.0 alpha8 in CM 13 OnePlus 2 [Grarak Build]

Lord Boeffla is the Gun of OnePlus phones. Many people know him from OnePlus One and yes me too. He is popular because of his powerful Boeffla Kernel which gives a lot of added tweaks in Kernel Management with Stunning battery life. Also, we can see a significant improvement in Benchmark if we integrate Boeffla Kernel with our Android system. When I purchased OnePlus 2, it was Oxygen OS 2.1.2 out of the Box which was quite buggy with horrible battery life. So, I decided to change the Kernel and Boeffla Kernel was my only trusted option.
Lord Boeffla
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I rooted my OnePlus 2 and Flashed Boeffla Kernel via TWRP and I got a significant difference in battery life as well as performance in Auntutu Benchmark.

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Later on, I found there is an another custom ROM for OnePlus 2 which is far better than Oxygen OS 2.x.x in every expects. And it was CM 13 Grarak Build. I already mentioned in one of my earlier post about CM 13 by Grarak. Grarak is an Official CyanogenMOD developer and he is contributing to the Official CM for OnePlus 2.

But, for now, he is releasing his own CM 13 build in Twitter. Now, you may ask me if his build were nightly or Stable (Snapshot). I can say, CM 13 by Grarak are almost stable. At least more stable than Oxygen OS 2.2.x in every aspect.

So, One Day I asked to Lord Boeffla if he would build some Kernel for CyanogenMod too. He replies to me "Only when the Official Build of CyanogenMod release, I will start to do so".

But the Official CM is still not released yet and Lord Boeffla was wrong. He released his Kernel for CM 13 Grarak Build. Read below to see some of the Notice from Lord Boeffla and easy installation Instruction for this Kernel.

Temporary ALPHA notice From Lord Boeffla :

This is currently an ALPHA kernel, this means Lord Boeffla do not officially support it.
Use on own risk. If you report issues, they might get fixed, or not.
As long as CM for the OP2 is not official, Lord Boeffla will not put lot's of time into looking issues.

The kernel is only tested against Grarak's unofficial CM13 builds you can find here (if you do not use this, expect everything):
You have to use Boeffla-Config app from the Download link below to tweak the kernel. Third party apps will not be able to unleash the full power of the kernel.

Boeffla-Config App :

Download Boeffla-Config app from here to unleash the full power of the Kernel :


Change logs : You can also access change log directly in Boeffla-Config V2 by pressing menu and selecting "change log". Otherwise, check Change log for CM13 kernel here.

Boeffla-Kernel 5.0-alpha8 :

Download Boeffla-Kernel 5.0-alpha8 for CM 13 OnePlus 2 from here :


Features of Boeffla-Kernel 5.0-alpha8 :

  • Full integration with Boeffla-Config V2 to configure all kernel settings
  • The two CPUs (big and little cpu) can be configured completely separate in terms of min/max frequencies, governors and hotplug profiles
  • Additional governors: Impulse, zzmoove, elementalx, conservative, ondemand
  • Additional schedulers: fiops, bfq, sio und zen
  • Hotplugging done by using stock core_ctl method
  • Many Hotplug tweak profiles (default are: little CPU always runs on 4 cores, big CPU runs on between 2 and 4 cores based on load)
  • Notification LED control (fading, speed, brightness)
  • Boeffla-Sound engine (Headphones volume configurable only)
  • Dynamic FSync (activated if screen on, deactived if screen off), configurable
  • Input boost frequencies and duration configurable, input boost switch
  • No CPU and GPU overclocking yet
  • No CPU and GPU voltage interface (will probably never come to save me support work)
  • GPU underclocking to 27 MHz possible
  • msm_adreno_tz and simple_ondemand tweaked to better utilize low frequencies
  • Show CPU frequency usage per CPU and frequency in Boeffla-Config
  • Show GPU frequency usage per frequency in Boeffla-Config
  • KCal V2 Color control
  • Swipe2wake gestures
  • Swipe2sleep gestures
  • BCL (battery current limit) driver switchable (default is on)
  • SD card read ahead buffer configurable (default increased to 1024 kB)
  • Ext4 File system tweaks (default to on, can be disabled)
  • Thermal engine profiles (in system Tweaks section)
  • Kernel logger (dmesg) configurable
  • Charge rates for AC charger and USB charging separately configurable (set charge rate to 0 to have stock charge logic back)
  • CIFS support (module, do not mount inside /data, if you rooted with Chainfire SuperSu, make sure you uncheck the namespace separation in SuperSu app)
  • NFS support (module)
  • NTFS support (module)
  • XBox support (module)
  • OTG-Ethernet support (module)
  • TCP Congestion changed to Westwood
  • Many additional TCP congestion algorithms activated to be used
  • init.d support (in /system/etc/init.d - set correct permissions!)
  • Automatic EFS backup
  • Integrated full busybox 1.24.2 (own compilation)
  • Kernel initialisation log file (with history of 3 log files)
  • Emergency reset script automatically placed into /boeffla-kernel-data folder of your internal memory
  • Rom flash survival mode configurable in Boeffla-Config
  • Google gcc 4.9 toolchain (64 bit) used for best stability
  • Always using latest CM13 Initramfs
  • Always based on latest CM13 kernel sources on Github.

How to Install Boeffla-Kernel 5.0-alpha8 in CM 13 OnePlus 2 :

Step 1 : Copy the Downloaded file into internal storage.

Step 2 : Reboot into TWRP Recovery.

Step 3 : Select on Install and Choose Boeffla-Kernel 5.0-alpha8 Zip file > Swipe to Flash

Step 4 : Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

Step 5 : Reboot to System.

You are Done. After rebooting into the system, you need to Configure the Kernel with  Boeffla-Config App according to your needs.

Any problem during installation ? Let me know by commenting below! Also, don't forget to share, ONLY if you found this post helpful to you.