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[OnePlus 2] Mirrors for official Oxygen OS and OTA updates

As OnePlus currently not providing the download links for their older version of Oxygen OS & OTA updates, I've collected all the mirrors from the OnePlus Forum and put the links in this post so that you can Download it manually and flash via TWRP or Stock OnePlus recovery.

OnePlus 2
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If you are a Rooted user, you will probably not receive any OTA's from OnePlus. Some of the Non Rooted users are also not getting OTA's sometime or might get very late. So here we go for the manual updates.

There are two types of file for each ROM: signed flashable zips and OTA incremental update zips.

Signed flashable zips: These are recovery-flashable zips of the full ROM that won't overwrite your data partition. They can be flashed via stock or TWRP recovery.

OTA incremental update zips: These are recovery-flashable zips that update your rom to a newer version. They can be flashed via stock or TWRP recovery but will only work on non-rooted devices with no modifications to system files.


OTA incremental update zips :

Note : Since OTA incremental update zips will fail on rooted devices or devices with modifications to system files, it's not possible to use these to update without reverting back to completely stock, unrooted first.
To update you must either wait for the new, full, signed flashable zip to appear (usually a few weeks after the OTA update) or use the following workaround:
  • Boot into TWRP recovery
  • Flash the latest full signed flashable zip
  • Flash the new OTA incremental update zip
  • Flash the SuperSU zip
  • Reboot
The result is exactly the same as if you'd flashed the new, full ROM zip.

Oxygen OS Signed flashable zips for OnePlus 2 [Official] :

If you run into any problems in installing this OnePlus updates, feel free to drop us a comment below and we will reply you back ASAP with the fix or the solution to your problem. Hit 1+ or LIKE to thank us.

Source: OnePlus Forum