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Overclock OnePlus 2 to 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 810 on CM 13 ROM

Like always, XDA Developers did another impressive job for OnePlus 2. If you look at OnePlus forum, you will found thousands of people are seeking for Official CyanogenMOD on OnePlus 2. But till now, no official builds are available. It may get released after the pushing of OnePlus 2 kernel source into the Github by OnePlus. Also, Carl Pie mentioned that they will be releasing the source after the final Marshmallow update. Many of the OnePlus 2 users are using CM 13 by Grarak which is the first custom ROM for OnePlus 2 with working LAF and Fingerprint Scanner of Marshmallow API. And yes, Grarak is an Official CyanogenMOD Contributor. We can say Grarak Built CM 13 is Some how official.

But, this post is not for how to install CM 13 by Grarak in OnePlus 2. You will find a lot of stuff for that on internet (Just Google it up). By seeing the topic, you may understand for what purpose I'm talking about Cyanogen.

OnePlus 2
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Well we all know, OnePlus 2 comes with a Underclocked Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz instead of 2.0 GHz that can be seen in Huawei Nexus 6P. So, if you want to Overclock (I call it as Stock Clock as 2.0 is the default clock speed of SD 810) your OnePlus 2, you need to have a CyanogenMOD 13 ROM or CyanogenMOD 13 Based ROM. I suggest CM 13 by Grarak for now. Just follow my instruction below to do the trick safely.
NOTE : Your Warranty may void if you brick your device by doing this.
This Overclocking Guide is all about changing Kernel and replacing with an Overclocked Kernel which you need to configure manually. Make sure you read this tutorial once before actually perform this on your device.

Core Overclocking information :

  • 4 Cortex A-57 core can be overclocked at 2.0 GHz (Manually via App)
  • 4 Cortex A-53 core can be overclocked at 1.7 GHz (Optional)

Requirement :

Download Benschholds Custom Kernel for OnePlus 2 from here :


Features of Benschholds Kernel :

  • Integrated modified KernelAdiutor
  • Added governors: ZZMoove, ElementalX, Impulse, Darkness, Barry_Allen, Smartmax, Bioshock, Blu-Active, Intelliactive, Hyper, Lionheart, Pegasusq
  • Under and overclocked Little and Big cores
  • Shutting down big cores on low battery deactivated (can be configured in KernelAdiutor)
  • Added KCAL (so you can configure your screen)
  • FauxSound (tuning loudspeaker currently not working)
  • Add TCP Algorithms and set westwood as deafault
  • Add FIOPS IO scheduler
  • Addet charge control
  • Core Control
  • Addet Boeffla Config Helper
  • Addet Sweep2Wake
  • IntelliPlug and Thunderplug Hotplug driver
  • Optimized Thunderplug as default
  • Optimized Thermal Control
  • Charge Control
  • Fsync on/off
  • Kexec Hardboot patch for Multirom
  • Frandom
  • Adreno Idler
  • Backlight Dimmer
  • State and LCD Notfier
  • Quick Wakup
  • Various kernel flag optimizations
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HOW TO : Install Benschholds Custom Kernel in OnePlus 2 with CM 13 ROM

Make sure you have Official TWRP installed in your OnePlus 2. Also, you need to Enable Root in your CM 13 ROM :
Go to Settings » About phone » Tap seven times on Build number . Go back to Settings main menu and open Developer options from there. Look for Root access setting, and set it Apps and ADB or Apps only or ADB only, as per your need.
Step 1 : Copy the Downloaded file into internal storage

Step 2 : Reboot into TWRP Recovery.

Step 3 : Select on Install and Choose Benschholds Kernel Zip file > Swipe to Flash

Step 4 : Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

Step 5 : Reboot to System

You are almost Done. After rebooting into system, you will find Kernel Auditor App where you need to Configure. 

Now Open Kernel Auditor and tab on CPU and Select the required frequency. Also Enable Set on Reboot. Now you are done.

Hurray ! you have successfully overclocked your OnePlus 2 phone !

Any problem during installation ? Let me to know by commenting below!